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New Podcast on the Way

Greetings conservation enthusiasts!

I wanted to provide a brief update for all of you. You may have noticed that there has not been much activity on the website in the past month or so. The reason is that I have been working to develop a podcast. The show is almost ready to launch! We will be meeting some great people that are involved with fire and conservation here in Florida. I hope to bring you as the listener out into the field with me as I seek to document those stories that are so much fun to hear!

In the first series, we will be talking about the four different phases of a prescribed burn. We will take a trip to Ocala National Forest together to discuss wildlife management with a good friend of mine, we will have a campfire conversation with a land manager about some lessons from the field, and finally I will take you on the fire with me as I record live audio of a day in the life of a prescribed burner.

Stay tuned, and I will look forward to meeting you where the flame ends and new life begins!

- CWL, 2/11/2023

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